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Friday, 4 June 2010

Top 5 Birthday Cakes

No. 1 Dora Birthday Cakes

Dora Birthday Cakes

Here is your delicious Birthday cakes-list of Dora Birthday Cakes. Dora Birthday Cakes are an indispensible and most representative item in a great and successful theme birthday party. Dora Birthday Cake was an attractive item to gathers the attention of all the young guests and surprises the birthday girl or boy.

No. 2 Blues Clues Birthday Cake

Blues Clues Birthday Cake

Here is your delicious Birthday cakes-list of Blues Clues Birthday Cake. Blue is the colour and name of the main character (a dog) in the preschool animated educational television showing Blue's Clues. Blue’s Clues is very adorable and popular among the children.

No. 3 Tinkerbell Birthday Cake

Tinkerbell Birthday Cake

Here is your delicious Birthday cakes-list of Tinkerbell Birthday Cake. Tinker Bell is a fictional character from J. M. Barrie's 1904 play and 1911 novel Peter and Wendy. Tinker Bell has been one of Disney's most important branding icons for over half a century, and is generally known as "a symbol of 'the magic of Disney."

No. 4 Cup Cake Birthday Cakes

Cup Cake Birthday Cakes

Here is your delicious Birthday cakes-list of Cup Cake Birthday Cakes. Since 19th century (1801–1900), the birthday cake has been an integral part of the birthday celebrations in Western cultures. Every year in our birthday, we are waiting for our family, our dearest, our friends, and our colleagues buy a piece of birthday cake to celebrate with us.

No. 5 Scooby Doo Birthday Cake

Scooby Doo Birthday Cake

Here is your delicious Birthday cakes-list of Scooby Doo birthday cake. Scooby Doo was the hero of the show and has become one of the most famous cartoon dogs in history. Scooby Doo was Shaggy's partner in helping him eat hamburgers, pizzas, hotdogs and whatever else was edible and non-edible.

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Monday, 21 December 2009


Asian Cuisine

Asian cuisine is a famous cuisine of the world. Basically, it is not originated from one country. It is a type of cuisine which comprised from many types of cuisine from many countries, like China, Japan, Korea, Saudi Arabic, Singapore, Malaysia, and many many more.

Anyway, because Asian Cuisine was a best cuisine in many peoples' view. Thus, we would like to introduce 1 Best Cuisine Guide's readers about the cuisine in Asian. I will make a short introduction of all of those cuisine to you. The further detail info, welcome you follow the link which i provide in this post.

Thanks very much from your support on 1 Best Cuisine Guide. We wish you have a nice journey in this cuisine world.
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Friday, 4 December 2009

Malaysian Food Recipe

Malaysian cuisine is a famous style of food in Southeast Asia. Malaysia’s population was comprised by various ethnic groups and three major ethnic groups are Malays, Chinese, and Indians. Malaysian cuisine has been influenced by Chinese, Indian, and many other cultures to produce an entirely new or similar to the cuisine of their own roots. So, Malaysian cuisine can be defined as a type of cuisine which resulted of cross-cultural.

Popular foods of Malaysian Cuisine
Roti Canai
Hokkien mee 

More informations about  Malaysian Cuisine
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Wednesday, 2 December 2009


Enchiladas are a favorite entrĂ©e of Mexican cuisine. Enchiladas are influenced by Spain during colonization of Spain in1521. 

Original Mexican Enchiladas

Enchiladas Con Chili Colorado
Enchiladas Verdes

Enchiladas Suizas
Enchiladas con mole
Enchiladas montadas

More informations about Enchiladas, welcome you visit 1 Best Cuisine Guide.com

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Tuesday, 1 December 2009

History of Mexican Cuisine

History of Mexican Cuisine
The history of Mexican cuisine is a long and diverse one. It is believed that authentic Mexican food might have been derived from the Mayan Indians. They were traditionally nomadic hunters and gatherers. 

Unique Foods of Mexican cuisine

Mexican empanadas

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Ramen is a Japanese noodle in Japanese cuisineRamen is a noodle soup that was originally imported to Japan from China in the Meiji Period. Ramen is the Japanese pronunciation of the Chinese (la mian), which mean hand-pulled noodles.

Categories of Ramen Noodles
Shoyu Ramen

Miso Ramen
Shio Ramen 

Tonkotsu Ramen

More informations about Ramen, welcome you visit 1 Best Cuisine Guide.com

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Monday, 30 November 2009

Siam Cuisine at Black Walnut

 Siam Cuisine at Black Walnut can also call as Siam Cuisine at North America

Siam cuisine is origin from Thai. Thus, Siam cuisine also called as Thai cuisine. 

Pad Thai (Siam Noodles) 

More informations about

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Sunday, 29 November 2009


Sukiyaki is a popular food in Japan. The main ingredient of Sukiyaki is thin sliced beef, and it is simmered in a skillet or pan in the sukiyaki sauce with many vegetables and other ingredients. Sukiyaki had been modified in Thai to meet the spicy requirement of Thai nation.

Japanese sukiyaki

Thai sukiyaki 

More informations about Sukiyaki, welcome you visit 1 Best Cuisine Guide.com

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Sashimi is a famous food in Japanese cuisine. Sashimi is considered as the finest dish in Japanese cuisine in the opinion of most Japanese people. There are varieties of sashimi in the cuisine. The most famous sashimi is Sake Sashimi (salmon Sashimi).

More informations about Sashimi, welcome you visit 1 Best Cuisine Guide.com

Sake (Salmon) Sashimi

Ika (Squid) Sashimi

Ebi (Prawn) Sashimi

Maguro (Tuna) Sashimi

Saba (Mackerel) Sashimi

Aji (Horse Mackerel) Sashimi

Tako (Octopus) Sashimi

Hamachi (Yellowtail) Sashimi

Fugu (Puffer Fish Takifugu) Sashimi

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Yamato Oriental Cuisine

Yamato is ancient name of Japan. Yamato Oriental Cuisine is can be defined as Japan Oriental Cuisine, which also known as Japanese Cuisine.

Foods of Yamato Oriental Cuisine
Yamato Ramen 


More informations about Yamato Oriental Cuisine, welcome you visit 1 Best Cuisine Guide.com

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